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(Little White Book)

Some short definitions for the cards to get you started

Here are a few meanings that I use often. They are by no means all of the possible definitions, but I usually lean on these. Of course, the question in context will always play a major role in how you will interpret the cards. If there is no question, try conjuring up a good statement for yourself with this definition as an answer. 
Let the pictures speak to you in a language that we recognize when we feel it. And always, always let your intuition guide you as to what feels like it rings true.

The Major Arcana

0- The Fool- Beginning, a new adventure, trust, fearless, naivety 

1-The Magician- the power to manifest, equipped

2- The High Priestess- Divine knowledge/ guidance, intuition

3- The Empress- fertile, fruitful, abundant, mother

4- The Emperor- Structure, stability, rules, father

5- The Hierophant- Spiritual compass, spiritual center, core beliefs, meditation

6- The Lovers- Love, deep connections, passion, fated connections

7- The Chariot- Making intuitive decisions, moving forward, self-trust

8- Strength- gentle determination, firm and confident decisions 

9- The Hermit- Wisdom gained in isolation, a breather, taking time for clarity

10- Wheel of Fortune- Turn of events, karma, cycles, external changes

11- Justice- Cause and effect, fairness, law, regulations

12- The Hanged Man- Surrender control, pause necessary for perspective

13- Death- a prompt for change, closing old chapters/ opening another

14- Temperance- Spiritual/ physical balance, moderation, peace

15- The Devil- Addictions, toxic circumstances, unhealthy choices

16- The Tower- Dismantling of systems, the undoing for a higher purpose

17- The Star- Hope, faith, comfort and peace in your own skin

18- The Moon- Intuition, Confusion, subconscious choices, anxiety, inner discord

19- The Sun- Optimism, positivity, family, success, good health/ vitality

20- Judgement- absolution, judgement, recognition

21- The World- Completion, success, integration, moving on

The Minor Arcana

Pentacles- tangibles (career, finances, home, health)

Ace- Financial opportunity, new beginnings in career, new home, new life

2- Time management, balancing priorities

3- Team work, collaboration

4- Budgeting, security, conservative

5- unfavorable financial situation, lack mindset

6- Financial abundance, donating, volunteering, spending time

7- Slow but steady growth, daily tending to projects, patience, long-term

8- Hard work, mastery, working for tangible results

9- enjoying fruits of labor, abundance, luxury, independence

10- Wealth, family, financial security

Page- Planning for future, beginning new job, apprenticeship

Knight- Action of financial plans (investing, working, secure), discipline

Queen- the provider, nurturer

King- Wealth, business, stability

Swords (thoughts, communication, stressors)

Ace- Innovative thought, awakening to something, big ideas

2- difficult decision, between a rock and a hard place

3- sorrow, heartbreak

4- rest, sleep on it

5- selfish motives, bullying

6- moving on, cutting losses

7- trickery, deceit, looking out for oneself

8- looping anxiety, overthinking, self-doubt, stress

9- insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, losing sleep due to stressors, over worrying

10- emotional and spiritual low points, depression, defeat

Page- learning how to speak up, being a student, getting feet wet on setting boundaries

Knight- being vocal, speaking your truth, clear (sometimes blunt) communication, sharp

Queen- Firm, no bias, logical decisions, independent 

King- Intellectual, complete and comfortable truth, clever, the engineer

Wands (passions, big feelings, creativity, sexual energy)

Ace- Newfound passion, creative spark, a new attraction

2- at a crossroads in desires

3- long term plans, todays choices affecting long-term dreams

4- celebration, joy, living in the moment

5- discord, unruly, unorganized desires/dreams

6- victory, recognition, praise, proud of accomplishments

7- feeling attacked, kick back from peers, external opinions, intrusion

8- fast action, alignment, dreams set into motion, things falling into place, travel

9- determination, setting boundaries, persistence, resilience

10- hard work, burdens, completing difficult tasks, a call to delegate

Page- free spirit, fun seeking, inspired

Knight- inspired action, thrill seeker, attractive

Queen- confident, divine sexuality, courageous

King- natural leader, entrepreneur, charisma

Cups (emotions, love, heart space, feelings) 

Ace- new relationships, chance at love/ self-love

2- harmonious connections (friends, jobs, lovers, etc), mutual attraction

3- fun with friends, creative collaborations, your circle

4- “no thank you” card, evaluating wants/ needs

5- disappointment, pessimism, “glass half empty”

6- nostalgia, innocence, joy, the past

7- choices, illusion

8- feeling the need for “more”, moving on based on feel

9- gratitude, contentment, “wish card”

10- a state of bliss, full of love, happy family, your idea of happiness 

Page- innocent love, genuine feelings, curiosity, beginnings of spiritual/ intuitive growth 

Knight- romancer, wearing heart on sleeve, acting and guiding based on feeling

Queen- intuitive, “I feel”, consoler, empathy

King- emotionally mature and stable, compassionate

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