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Rose Gold Collection

Rose Gold Collection

Three new scents offered in our limited edition Metallic Rose Gold Tumblers.


Pink Cashmere- 

A soft and feminine fragrance with notes of soft cotton, cashmere musk, and spun sugar. This is our version of a soft, oversized pink sweater that makes you feel cozy and girly all at once.


Hello Stranger-

The perfect blend of dark amber, tonka, vetiver, and rosewood come together in this alluring fragrance. Some folks smell more of the feminine notes, some pick up more of the masculine, but all people say it smells attractive and flirty. 


Paradise Cove-

A floral twist on one of our favorite fresh scents Surf's Up!

It's so fresh and ozonic with notes of sea salt  and a touch of sweet freesia. Picture yourself at your favorite spot on a Southern California beach, surrounded by the surf and tropical flowers in bloom, and breathe in Paradise Cove. 


Net wt. 8.5 oz (241g) Soy Wax Candles. Free of phthalates and other toxins!

*Bundle with matching wax melts and wick trimmers for a perfect gift!

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    The Magic Door
    Candle Co.

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