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The Magic Door
Tarot & Tea Leaf

Come on in… I’ve been expecting you.

Welcome to The Magic Door. I’m happy that you’re here. 

Whether you’re only here to dip your toes or if you’re ready to dive in head first, there’s something for everyone and the woo woo water is wonderful! 

When Tarot called to me, I knew it was something that I couldn’t live without and I knew that I had to share, because of the tremendous insight it delivers.

The goal here is guidance and clarity that will leave us feeling empowered to make our own decisions with more certainty.
I'm honored to be a channel and reflection for these messages for you. 

Xo, Mayra

Image by Viva Luna Studios

My gut was trying to guide me, but my mind was wound up. I reached out to Mayra and was grateful she could throw some cards for me. She hit the nail on the head.
She gave me great advice & helped me to stay calm. Her mama-sage wisdom and modern woman delivery was perfect to guide me through my little drama. Thank you Mayra!!

Carolyn N

The Woman Behind The Door

My name is Mayra. I'm an intuitive Tarot and Tea Leaf reader. I'm a wife, a mother, I work full-time in the medical field, and love helping people find clarity through my readings!


“Learn from everything, see everything, and above all feel everything!...Find eyes within, look for the door into the unknown country.”

Pamela Colman Smith

Contact Me

If you have any questions about the info on this site, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Check out my Instagram for fun, free, and interactive content!

PO Box 476 
Chattaroy, WA 99003

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The Magic Door
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